Earthline Tattoo Collective

Earthline Tattoo Demonstration and Discussion

The Earthline Tattoo Collective in partnership with IOTA Institute will be hosting a public tattoo demonstration Saturday, March 9th at the Natural History Museum.

The 2019 Earthline Tattoo School Guest Mentors!

To guide them on their journey in (re)learning the cultural practice of Indigenous tattooing the 2019 Earthline Tattoo School participants will be working with inspiring guest mentors, Jerry Evans, Julie Paama-Pengally, Nakkita Trimble and Nahaan.

Artist Talk: Earthline Tattoo Collective

Earthline is hosted by IOTA for an artist talk to discuss the revival of Indigenous tattooing traditions and how it can revive artists’ ancestral traditions through the stories of others who have been working at reviving their own tattooing traditions.