Digital Works

DIGITAL WORKS is related to new media art online. Seen as IOTA's building blocks, an archive, a collection of artwork and ideas. Supporting new web projects such as Net Art or Web-series.

Black text on white background with blurry colourful dots in lime green, bright purple, orange, red, magenta, navy, and forest green. The largest black heading reads “surges” in a bold rounded font with jagged edges. Smaller text reads, “Carrie Allison / Jordan Bennett / Amanda Dawn Christie / Séamus Gallagher / Ruth Marsh / Lou Sheppard / Jennifer Willet.” In the top right corner is the IOTA logo, in the bottom left corner are small black logos for Arts Nova Scotia, Canada Council for the Arts, and VUCAVU, and in the bottom right corner it says, “”


Surges is an online ecosystem of seven virtual environments presented by IOTA Institute in partnership with VUCAVU. This project invites artists to design online exhibition spaces with technical support, to create experiences for audiences beyond linear visual aesthetics. Artworks explore vibrational haptics, interactive instruments, 360 video, and augmented reality to create multisensory online experiences and

Fruiting Bodies, VR Game by Ruth Marsh

Throughout 2021, Ruth Marsh will be developing and releasing an exploration video game titled “Fruiting Bodies” for VR (Virtual Reality) and PC (Personal Computers) that explores the idea of the human body as a virtual space.

Web Art commission: J.R. Carpenter, "This is a Picture of Wind", 2018

This is a Picture of Wind by J.R. Carpenter

Part poetic almanac, part private weather diary, and part live wind report for the South West of England, this work attempts to call attention to climate change by picturing through variations in language the disturbances and sudden absences left in the wake of wind.

Important Men by Jennifer Chan

Important Men looks at digital advertising and different online initiatives to reform "toxic masculinity", she sought to create her own oeuvre of male portraiture by photographing the important masculine influences in her life.

The Wide Sky by Liz Solo

Often recognizable for its use of Second Life aesthetics, machinima takes on a video game ideology by creating an online space with a defined structure and goal for its participant, but interrupts this traditional gaming relationship through unexpected interventions that challenge the built environments’ social and political infrastructure.

Six Questions

IOTA conducts interviews with project participants. Click through interviews to read artists, writers, curators, and other participants discuss their research and practice.