Congratulations to new Cultural Tattoo practitioners!

To start the year IOTA partnered with Earthline Tattoo Collective to present this year’s Earthline Tattoo School 2019 – K’jipuktuk. Congratulations to new Cultural Tattoo practitioners, Quill Christie-Peters, Stacey Fayant and Mila Waseskwan!

IOTA gratefully Acknowledges the Canada Council for the Arts support for this project. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia for their special partnership hosting the Tattoo School and Night:Skindigenous.  A warm thank you to all those who followed along with the revival of this cultural practice right here in K’jipuktuk (Halifax) and attended the IOTA presented Earthline Tattoo Demonstration and Discussion.

This last month saw re-discovery, revival and the promising future of Indigenous Tattooing and IOTA was honored to share it with you all.


SAVE THE DATE Feb 12, 2023!
When Microbes Dream is a solo exhibition by @IOTAInstitute artist @jenniferwilletbioart

Opening 12 January - 1 February 2023, at i3S in Porto, Portugal.
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