The Wide Sky by Liz Solo

In 2017 IOTA Institute commissioned artists J.R. Carpenter (UK), Jennifer Chan (Ontario), and Liz Solo (Newfoundland) to produce new web-projects. The projects ran under the IOTA: DATA wing between March 2017 and Feburary 2018, and included a digital research publication on the topic of web-based art communities, digital aesthetics and the historie(s) of Net Art. This project is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. Liz Solo’s “The Wide Sky” is a story based on the fragmented memories of a scientist desperately trying to make sense of her deteriorating world. “During a recent archeological dig into the deep future, researchers discovered a damaged memory sphere embedded in the floor of an uninhabited forest planet. Though much of the sphere was corrupted some of the data was retrievable. This Archive documents the artifacts that were recovered.” Users may view the story in linear time or opt for the interactive timeline and be presented with a choice at the end of every video, generating alternative outcomes. Visitors will be able to customize their avatar, interact with props and experience the video narrative via screens inside each digital space. To log into the virtual installation in second life please follow the instructions on this page:
about the archive

Liz Solo


Liz Solo is a performance artist, media artist and a musician. She creates media and live performances that incorporate online virtual communities and MMORPGs.