Ruth Marsh

Bio Art Series: The Recap

Throughout May, IOTA hosted a series of free public exhibitions, events and installations in Halifax, NS.

Whether it’s creating microbial art using yeast, or engaging with a full-body exoskeleton, Bio Art is a practice that transcends the fields of visual art, media art, and science – applied, social and political. This continuously evolving practice also tests (and sometimes breaks) the boundaries of these fields.

Meet the Artist: Ruth Marsh

Visit and ask questions with the creator of the immersive, cinematic production of CYBERHIVE.

Cyberhive: Immersive Film Screening

This immersive experience created by Ruth Marsh is a stop-motion, 360-degree video with original music and sound design by Jeremy Costello.

Cyberhive Premier Screening

This Immersive Experience created by Ruth Marsh is a 15-min stop-motion, 360 degree video with original music and sound design by Jeremy Costello.

Ruth Marsh and IOTA in the CBC News!

“This summer, Marsh is teaming up with IOTA Institute, a Halifax-based arts organization, for what’s called an immersive cinema artist residency. She plans to broadcast her animation inside a nine-metre 360-degree dome that’s meant to mimic a living, breathing beehive.”

IOTA on Indiegogo!

We’ve invited Halifax based artist Ruth Marsh to pilot the residency! The Immersive Experience is a 15-min stop-motion, sound and video piece. The film will feature several hundred cyborg bees for this immersive environment. The presentation will invite viewers to enter into a technologically altered, large-scale beehive.