Canadian Art

IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux)

IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux) is a pop up gallery run by IOTA Institute, featuring twelve contemporary artists and two commercial art galleries for an online sale and pop-up event.

The wide sky: An Opening Launch in Second Life

Liz Solo’s “The Wide Sky” is a story based on the fragmented memories of a scientist desperately trying to make sense of her deteriorating world. IOTA: DATA and Solo are co-hosting an online reception to launch this project in Second Life. Create your SL identity and join us.

May-June 2017: Second edition of IOTA: Gallery Pop Up

After the successful 2015 Micro-Event IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Un), a pop up gallery that featured fourteen Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick contemporary artists, and two Halifax commercial art galleries for an online sale and pop-up sale event, IOTA Institute has decided to conduct a second event titled IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux).

Announcing IOTA: Gallery, a pop-up event

IOTA: Gallery is a pop up shop celebrating fourteen contemporary artists and two Halifax commercial art gallery on Saturday, June 6th, as one of the Credit Union pop-up events.