Artist Talk

Artist Talk: Stelarc + Andrew Pelling

Get curious about Bio Art with two of the most prolific artists in the field. Artists, Stelarc and Andrew Pelling will present a talk on recent works.

Meet the Artist: Ruth Marsh

Visit and ask questions with the creator of the immersive, cinematic production of CYBERHIVE.

Cyberhive: Immersive Film Screening

This immersive experience created by Ruth Marsh is a stop-motion, 360-degree video with original music and sound design by Jeremy Costello.

Artist Talk: WhiteFeather Hunter

Hunter has been in Halifax since October 1st, for a soil remediation project “Prospective Futures: The Aurelia Project”.

Artist Talk: Earthline Tattoo Collective

Earthline is hosted by IOTA for an artist talk to discuss the revival of Indigenous tattooing traditions and how it can revive artists’ ancestral traditions through the stories of others who have been working at reviving their own tattooing traditions.