Jens Hauser @ the IOTA Bio Art Kitchen Series

The second Bio Art Hangout Kitchen Series  “White Cube, Black Box, Greenhouse,” featured curator and scholar Jens Hauser as he tuned in from Paris, France. 

A recording of this event is in progress. During the event, we received unfortunate, and triggering spamming and we are in the process of editing the footage to avoid giving space and further attention to this violation. 

This event took place:
Halifax (ADT / GMT-3): Tues Nov 3rd, 12:00pm
Paris (CEST / GMT+2): Tues Nov 3rd, 17:00pm
New York (EDT / GMT -4): Tues Nov 3rd, 11:00am
Los Angeles (PDT/ GMT-7): Tues Nov 3rd, 8:00am
1. Audience joined us using a virtual background that reflected what greenness meant to them. They could download a sample greenscreen during the Bio Art Hangout on Zoom (download link below).
2. When our audience joined us, they were prepared for our ‘show and tell’ portion considering the questions: Do you have a bio art object or piece of art you want to show and tell the group about during the virtual tour? Bring it and your questions too!
How does one present or collect bio artwork….?
(BELOW: Brandon Ballengée, Species Reclamation Via a Non-linear Genetic Timeline – An Attempted Hymenochirus Curtipes Model Induced by Controlled Breeding, 1998-2006, preserved specimen in glycerin, private collection. Image: Axel Heise)

Hauser’s research examines micro-performative practices beyond the human scale, to emphasize biological agencies at a microscopic level. Hauser will discuss experimental strategies for curating art with biomedia, from the allegedly neutral white cubes and black boxes to greenhouses, while giving a tour of his personal collection  of bio art artifacts. Hauser will give insights into his latest research on microperformativity, and disentangle the notions of “aliveness,” “naturalness,” and greenness” based on thirty years of research into the colour green.

How do algae, bacteria, and other biological materials become performers in bio artworks? Hear Jens Hauser tackle this question and more in our upcoming Bio Art Hangout.


In 1990, Hauser wrote a short column  in a local newspaper about a public artwork by  artist Peter Gosda in Geisecke, Germany. It inspired decades-long research and interest in all things ‘green’.

(excerpt from article) “Artificial wooden pyramids are no alternatives to the tree

So now they are standing, the artificial art trees, which were discussed so artificially fiercely in advance. Cypress-shaped wooden pyramids, three meters high, fifteen in number and in one row; brightly painted in the colors red, white, gray, black, yellow and blue – naturally, not in green, because a tree in green would not be art.”

Look for this Performance Research new issue launching 31 October 2020:

“On Microperformativity”

Issue editors: Jens Hauser & Lucie Strecker, VOLUME 25 ISSUE 3


Jens Hauser

Speaker, Curator

Jens Hauser is a Copenhagen and Paris based media studies scholar and art curator focusing on the interactions between art and technology, trans-genre and hybrid aesthetics.