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Cliff Eyland

Eyland began the ongoing installation File Card Works Hidden in Books at the Raymond Fogelman Library at 65 Fifth Avenue, New York, in 1997. The work was sponsored by the New School University (formerly the New School for Social Research). He was assisted by curator Kathleen Goncharov, who organized a reception, and Fogelman librarian Gail Persky,

HERMES: Barbara Lounder

IOTA was pleased to feature two commercial galleries for its Pop Up event. The Halifax-based HERMES was founded by Emily Jones in 2013, and formally became an artist co-operative in March 2015. Associate artists are Robert Bean, Katie Belcher, Barbara Berry, Thierry Delva, Peter Dykhuis, Eryn Foster, Leah Garnett, Sara Hartland-Rowe, Andrew Hunt, Adriana Kuiper + Ryan Suter, Barbara Lounder, Jamie Maclellan, Mathew Reichertz, Becky Welter-Nolan, and Ursula Johnson! For more

Craig Leonard

For other exhibition views, please visit the Centre Art Garage website. * Artworks no longer available through IOTA “Shaken Antlers” (2015), Certificate, accompanies artwork “Shaken Antlers” (2015) 24 unique cork panels, 24″ x 36″, 300.00 CAD per panel Framed view: Craig Leonard, “Shaken Antlers” (2015) 24 unique cork panels, 24″ x 36″, 300.00 CAD (panels

Sandra Brownlee

Departures and Returns, Sandra Brownlee is a limited edition hand sewn paperback catalogue conceived and produced by Sandra Brownlee and Sarah Bodine of San Serif Studio in conjunction with the solo exhibition Departures and Returns, Sandra Brownlee held at the Mary Black Gallery, Halifax, NS in 2009. Copyright 2009 Sandra Brownlee and Nova Scotia Centre for Craft

Mark Bovey

2007-2013 The Ledge Suite: This series of works was created within a digital matrix. The prints are a restoration, reconstruction and representation of the decaying pages of an industrial age accounting ledger that was passed on to two generations of my family dating between 1895 and 1933. In their possession as children and teens the tome

Amanda Dawn Christie

Radio Tower Ascent #1 I passed an online climbing certification course and borrowed a harness from a cell tower rigger.  At 7:30 am, on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, it was minus 11 degrees Celsius without the windchill.  With only two hours sleep and no breakfast, I climbed 120 feet up tower M on the RCI transmission site

D’Arcy Wilson

Tuck (2001) responds to the century old taxidermy collection of the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site, in Banff, AB. In a filmed performance I wander through the silent museum at dusk. I tiptoe between the glass cases singing lullabies to each animal, the lyrics created especially for them. In my songs I ask the mountain

Lucie Chan

The watercolors on sale through IOTA: Gallery are from the body of work Living Room for the Lost, which addresses ideas of tragedy, death, and loss as a point of departure. The work has been exhibited as a drawing based installation with wall drawings that encompass animated projections that loosely relate to the fictitious life of an