Web-Art e-Publication

Couldn’t be more excited to announce that #IOTADATA is working on an e-pub in an e-pub, mid-2018, with web-art writers David Clark, Isabelle Avers, Johanna Drucker, and Adrienne Crossman. Available in April. #epub #webart

Isabelle Avers

IOTA has invited Isabelle Arvers, author, art curator and game artist to write about Liz Solo’s #thewidesky machinima #webart commission for #IOTADATA

Writer, artist, educator and curator Adrienne Crossman will write about Jennifer Chan’s #importantmen #webart commission for #IOTADATA

Adrienne Crossman
Johanna Drucker

Johanna Drucker, known for her work in typography, experimental poetry, digital humanities, and as a book artist, was invited by #IOTADATA to write about J.R. Carpenter’s web commission #thisisapictureofwind for an #epub

David Clark, net artist, curator and writer works in material and intuitive or ephemeral media such as #AugmentedReality and will be offering a reflection on the net-scape of #webart in his forward for the #IOTADATA#epub

David Clark

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