Pop Up Gallery

IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux)

IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux) is a pop up gallery run by IOTA Institute, featuring twelve contemporary artists and two commercial art galleries for an online sale and pop-up event.

‘Like and Share’ to win!

‘Like and Share’ IOTA Institute’s Facebook page and be randomly selected to win “(dis)comforted”, 2014, Unlimited Nissin Tonkatsu, valued at 40 CAD, an artwork by artist Annie Onyi Cheung.

May-June 2017: Second edition of IOTA: Gallery Pop Up

After the successful 2015 Micro-Event IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Un), a pop up gallery that featured fourteen Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick contemporary artists, and two Halifax commercial art galleries for an online sale and pop-up sale event, IOTA Institute has decided to conduct a second event titled IOTA: Gallery Pop Up (Deux).

Announcing IOTA: Gallery, a pop-up event

IOTA: Gallery is a pop up shop celebrating fourteen contemporary artists and two Halifax commercial art gallery on Saturday, June 6th, as one of the Credit Union pop-up events.