Kirstie McCallum

As a poet and sculptor, Kristie McCallum uses critical theory and art to position human culture within the complexity of the natural world. McCallum has developed her practice through two graduate degrees: an M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design from OCADU,
and an M.A. in English and Creative Writing.

McCallum is an emerging professional based in Canada and is open to requests for collaboration.

Project Description:
I would like to develop BioArt Research on Prince Edward Island, where I am currently based.

We have abundant sources of seaweed, including fucus, which has been used successfully in the creation of biodegradable biopolymers. I am also exploring the uses of Kelp and Irish Moss in biomaterial research. Additionally, I am learning to cultivate Kombucha SCOBY for leather.  This is an important alternative (winter) practice.

My objective is to develop a holistic overview of the ecological positioning, practical artistic uses, and conceptual implications of bioplastics and biopolymers in Contemporary Art. I want to be ethically situated, decolonial in methodology, and sensitive to the “will” and emergent properties of the organisms and substances I work with.

Practical goals include fieldwork with seaweeds; land art; piloting the fabrication of processed biomaterials on Prince Edward Island; application of materials in exhibitions; knowledge-sharing with other Atlantic Canadian and Canadian practitioners of BioArt.

Business Type: Foundation

Interested in collaborating:

Looking to connect with other organizations in Eastern Canada working in biomaterial development. Would like to build connections on Prince Edward Island with the Institute of Island Studies, the UPEI Climate Lab; and This Town is Small artist-run centre.

Has links to institutions in Halifax at NSCAD, OCADU in Toronto, and the Milieux Institute at Concordia in Montreal.


Kirstie McCallum in part of IOTA Study Group and is open to collaboration with professionals from disciplines:
BioDesign, Biomaterials, Seaweed, Kombucha, Cellulose, Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Ephemeral Sculpture, Biomimicry
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