IOTA Study Group

IOTA: STUDY GROUP is a searchable database for the purpose of interdisciplinary collaborations.

How to join IOTA Study Group

Add your collaborator profile to our public database, or connect with a STUDY GROUP member, by filling out the form below. When accepted, your profile will be added to the database, and IOTA will connect you with your requested collaborator.

How to find a collaborator

Select a discipline from the tag cloud below to narrow your search, and browse our profiles of professionals who match the needs of your collaboration, project or consultation needs.

How to request a collaboration

Make a request to be connected with a collaborator by filling out the below form  and listing the collaborator with whom you want to be connected. IOTA will approach the requested collaborator who will either accept or decline your request for being connected. It is up to Study Group members to continue their collaborations independently once connected.

IOTA can offer facilitation or project management where needed on a case by case basis.


* If you are a Business, Sponsor, or Foundation looking to offer an artistic opportunity or funding to a specific cross-disciplinary collaboration, please fill out the below form and describe your interest.