Elizabeth Flyntz

Elizabeth Flyntz is a curator, information architect, and experience designer (who sometimes makes art) based in Brooklyn, NY. Her special areas of interest are early video art, experimental documentary, systems-based art, and usability. Flyntz’s writing on technology and art, media art history, and interviews with contemporary media artists have been published by Afterimage, The Creators Project, and Intercourse. She studied art and communications at Antioch College, media art at the Media Study Department at SUNY Buffalo, and media art and design at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

Flyntz is an established arts professional based in the US.

Project: Epicurean Endocrinology and Horticultural Hormones: Cooking and Growing Sex in America explores the effects of food on hormones, and hormones on food, through a variety of different projects.

Epicurean Endocrinology uses food and vernacular cooking to examine the intersections of food production, endocrine disruptors, corporate/institutional influence and cultural ideology as they relate to biopolitics. By framing careful examination of the ways in which food affects hormone production and use in human bodies through the communal and culturally resonant act of cooking and consumption, we are bringing awareness to the ways in which endocrine disruptors permeate food through biological processes and by industrial agricultural externalities. Central to the project is investigating and representing the ways in which food affects notions of gender and entrenches gender norms, and the ways in which corporate and institutional actors influence endocrine systems in ecobodies through industrial waste, agricultural runoff and other “residues of neoliberal pursuit”.


Elizabeth Flyntz in part of IOTA Study Group and is open to collaboration with professionals from disciplines:
Medicine, particularly epidemiology. Also architects, environmental researchers and scientists.
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