Amanda Dawn Christie – Sunrise at 100 feet, 2014


Fuji Pearl Metallic photographic archival print

Digitally signed and editioned by hand

7″ x 7″

Edition of 100


Depending on size, prints are wrapped in with a stiffener, sealed in a plastic and shipped flat or in a sturdy tube with sealed ends.

100 in stock

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This print series belongs to the larger body of work ‘Spectres of Shortwave’ that includes a feature length film as well as a variety of art installations, performances, and sound pieces, all incorporating documentation of the Radio Canada International shortwave towers.  The project also involves audio interviews with local residents in three languages, recordings made with hand made contact microphones as well as the collection of artifacts gathered from the site as it was being dismantled.  The images and audio are being used to create a feature length experimental documentary (funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, and Arts NB) destined for experimental and underground film festivals.  The images, audio, and artifacts appear in various gallery-based installations, differentiated by their subtitles.  The gallery installations have been completed before the film. The film, once completed, will be aimed at arts festivals and biennales alongside the visual art aspects of the project.

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Dimensions 7 × 14 in

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