IOTA Institute's Bio Art Series, 2019, artists depicted (clockwise): Earthline Tattoo Collective (participant: Quill Christie-Peters), Ruth Marsh “Cyberhive”, Jennifer Willet “Untitled: Travelling Laboratory Coat”, Stelarc “StickMan/miniStickMan”, photo credit: Chantal Routhier Photography

Bio Art Series: The Recap

The Bio Art Series brought Bio Art into public and accessible forms. Whether it’s creating microbial art using yeast, or engaging with a full-body exoskeleton, Bio Art is a practice that transcends the fields of visual art, media art, and science – applied, social and political.

Jordan Bennett, Tepkik 2018–19, Printed Polysilk, 3m Reflective Print Mounted On Aluminum 914.4 × 822.9 × 3048, Photo: National Gallery Of Canada

Jordan Bennett: Tepkik at the National Gallery of Canada

Abadakone: IOTA Artist Jordan Bennett's Tepkik lands at The National Gallery of Canada where contemporary Indigenous art from around the world have been curated into a major exhibition.

Séamus Gallagher, Fembots have feelings, too”, 2018, 19” x 36, archival inkjet print

IOTA Studio Gallery

IOTA Studio Gallery sells original works and editions by IOTA Artists and collaborators.

Temporary Public Art Installation

Jordan Bennett’s “Ne’ata’q" (Sun is coming out) is a vinyl window work installed at 1566 Barrington Street in Halifax, NS. IOTA worked with Nocturne: Art at Night on their DHBC’s Gritty to Pretty beautification grant program.

Time to take a breath and look up. This is the 2nd of 13 moons for 13 evenings. Read more about this series on our website.
@Artist_JBennett, Birds Lay Eggs, 24" x 24", giclée print, edition of 100. #newmoon #mikmaqmoons #mikmaqcalendar #indigenousart