Summer Collectors Series

New artwork drops all summer long! Stay tuned for new paintings, digital prints, textiles, and ceramics.

Black text on white background with blurry colourful dots in lime green, bright purple, orange, red, magenta, navy, and forest green. The largest black heading reads “surges” in a bold rounded font with jagged edges. Smaller text reads, “Carrie Allison / Jordan Bennett / Amanda Dawn Christie / Séamus Gallagher / Ruth Marsh / Lou Sheppard / Jennifer Willet.” In the top right corner is the IOTA logo, in the bottom left corner are small black logos for Arts Nova Scotia, Canada Council for the Arts, and VUCAVU, and in the bottom right corner it says, “”


Explore IOTA's ecosystem of artist-designed virtual environments, launching February 16 2023.

A room with white walls, wood floors, a wooden sideboard, minimalist lamp, plants and a wicker hamper. Above the sideboard is a long framed artwork, made up of a grid of photos that are 3 images high by 6 images wide. From top left to bottom right, the images go from being all black, to showing a delicate beaded plant,

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Meet the team: Meet Mondays

Our IOTA community is growing so we are kicking-off our new get-to-know us series #meetmondays where each week you will get to meet someone from our IOTA Team.