The IOTA Gift Guide is here!

The IOTA Gift Guide is here–everything under $200!

Check out our wishlist of books, stickers, tote bags, colouring books, flags, jewelry, and small fine art prints from the IOTA Studio Gallery, our collaborators past and present, and artists we admire. Many of these projects donate proceeds to various solidarity efforts & mutual aid initiatives, in our artistic network and beyond. 

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1. Jennifer Willet,  “Baroque Biology Petri: Flora Flora” digital print ($180)

2. Jennifer Willet,  “Baroque Biology Petri: Hooded Merganser” digital print ($150)

3. Jerry Evans “Weljesi” exhibition catalogue at The Rooms gift shop ($36)

4. Melissa Peter Paul, 2024 Mi’kmaq Quillwork Calendar ($25 + $5 ship). Etransfers + address to:

5. Melissa Peter Paul, Mi’kmaq 8 Pointed Star Quillwork ($180)

6. Lou Sheppard, “Murmurations (II)” tote bag ($35), portion of proceeds donated to Feed Nova Scotia

7. Bireti Jewellery (by IOTA collaborator I’thandi Munro), Black Sterling Silver & Silk, Agate, Coral Beaded Neck Piece at the AGNS gift shop ($120)

7. Carrie Allison,First Family (Solidago Rigida Var Humilis)” print ($100)

8. Amanda Dawn Christie, “Dawn at 50 feet” ($175)

9. Eyelevel’s Post Coast to Coast postcard series features IOTA collaborators Darcie Bernhardt & I’thandi Munro ($20) 100% of proceeds support Mainline Needle Exchange and Native Arts Society/Toronto Indigenous Harm Reduction

10. Jamaa Al-Yad Collective, “Imaging Apartheid: The Uprooting Of The Olive Trees,” 2012 screen print, created by Beirut-based collective as a part of the Imaging Apartheid project through Just Seeds, $20. Text reads, “Always remain standing no matter what happens.”

11. Séamus Gallagher, “All Smiles” digital print ($200)

12. José Andrés Mora, “I would have kicked you out” folded print ($155) 

14. Quill Christie-Peters x Mobilize “We Are Everything They Could Never Contain” embroidered sweatpants, $175

15. Jordan Bennett, “All Eyes On Mi’kmaki” flag ($60) and vinyl stickers ($12) – proceeds support Mi’kmaq fishers through Sipekne’katik First Nation.

16. IOTA collaborator Melissa Peter Paul’s quillwork colouring book ($12)

17. Sabrina Elewa and Beige Blum, “Voice of the Intifada” stickers & digital posters ($5+) 100% of profits support families in Gaza who have been displaced after losing their homes. Stickers sold out but stay tuned for restock! Poster download also available. 

18. Bireti Jewellery (by I’thandi Munro), 14kt Gold Filled Hoops ($150) and  14kt Gold + Sterling silver Organic Earrings ($175) at the AGNS gift shop

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