Meagan Musseau, Made in Ktaqmkuk, 2016

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30” x 40”

Film still, printed to bleed, lustre digital print laminated on dibond mounted on metal uchannel subframe

Edition of 5

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Made in Ktaqmkuk blends a multi-generational narrative of Musseau’s matrilineal history together with the physical act of walking on the land. Wearing a sweater created by her grandmother which was passed down by her mother, Musseau narrates the footage of her walking away while simultaneously walking towards the viewer. This action represents her experience of prioritizing familial, communal, and land-based knowledge systems while facing continued erasure and expectations of ‘belonging’ enforced by colonial policies, such as the Indian Act.

And so, when I think about ‘we are the land’ and what happens on the land, and the stories that come from being on the land, they are reincarnated through us, they shape us. Like the ground holds a tree, that tree grows…” – excerpt from the original audio and video installation of Made in Ktaqmkuk, 2016.

The artwork was created in the Elmastukwek region of Ktaqmkuk, at a site in Bottle Cove, Bay of Islands, NL, and has been featured in Canadian Art, presented in class rooms and lectures, as well as shown at select film screenings.

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Dimensions 30 × 40 in

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