Jordan Bennett – 13 Moon Full Suite, 2020

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13 Giclée prints on William Turner rag paper (archival 100 years)

24″ x 24″ / each

Full suite editions are hand signed and numbered

Edition of 10


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This print is part of a series of 13 prints and derived from elements that were created for the 2019 Toronto Nuit Blanche, Kings and Queens of Scarborough project titled ‘Tepknuset’. 

For this site-specific installation, a series of large suspended fabric prints referencing porcupine quillwork and aluminum elements depicting Mi’kmaq petroglyph depictions of stars were suspended over a busy public space while 13 circular prints, each representing a moon in the Mi’kmaq year, were mounted on the ground below.

The elements of the installation spoke of place, time, changing seasons and environment as embedded in Mi’kmaq visual culture. The piece was read as a story, but a story that could be narrated from any entry point, following shape, colour and form to experience the narratives of land, home and our place in the universe. 


A giclée print is an archival-quality printed reproduction of an original artwork, made using a specialized ink spray process (giclée is French for “to spray”) developed exclusively for fine art printing. Giclée prints are printed either on canvas or fine art paper using 100% archival inks and media. The giclée print is the closet possible reproduction of an original work of art afforded by technology and has become the new print standard for artists.


  1. Maple Sugar-Siwkewikús
  2. Birds Lay Eggs-Penamuikús
  3. Frogs Croaking-Etquljuikús
  4. Leaves Full Blossom-Nipnikús
  5. Birds Shed Feathers –Peskewikús
  6. Ripening Time –Kisikwekewikú
  7. Moose Calling Time-Wikumkewikús
  8. Fat Tame Animals –Wikewikús
  9. Rivers About to Freeze –Keptekewikús
  10. Chief Moon-Kiskewikús
  11. Spawn of Tom-Cod –Punamujuikús
  12. Sun is Very Strong-Apunknajit
  13. Great Moon-Kjikús

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